Today is the day: AHiRE announced its existence and mission to the world! It is the latest step in our work of more than four years, struggling to bring public attention to the vast and incredibly rapid societal changes the Automation Age is creating. Awareness is building. Luminaries such as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have expressed their concerns. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is highlighting the Automation Age’s impact on middle class jobs in his campaign.

Yet real progress in public understanding remains elusive because the changes involved are so vast that their scope that they are almost impossible to grasp. Their pace is so rapid that not even the practitioners of the robotic arts are truly up to date. Their ambitions are so vast that they challenge science fiction.

We as a species must harness these changes to create the future we want for those who follow us. We live in interesting times and today is an exciting day because humanity’s future is up to us.