AHiRE – Alliance for Humans in a Robot Economy

Machines are replacing people in jobs of every type and complexity at an ever-increasing pace.

  • There is good in this, as value is produced more precisely and at less cost.
  • There is bad in this, as the people machines replace lose the economic value and self-worth those jobs provide.

Lives are being changed forever.

How will we provide every human with basic needs such as food, shelter, safety, and security? How will we help every human being find a place in that world where she or he has a feeling of belonging and self-worth? How will we make it possible for those people who dream to make those dreams reality.

Together, we must guide the arrival of the robot economy so that it serves humanity at large.

AHiRE exists to empower humanity to discuss, and hopefully resolve, these six great questions:

  • Should the value produced by robots be taxed or otherwise shared broadly across society to benefit humanity?
  • If it should, how should that value be distributed to meet everyone’s basic needs?
  • How shall those people displaced by robots be helped through the transition forced upon them?
  • How will the moral, ethical, and legal relationships between humans and ever more capable machines be guided and limited?
  • How can people replace the community of the workplace as the very nature of work changes?
  • How might humanity’s freedom from toil become an inspiration to human greatness